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The Halloween Issue is Out! [Nov. 2nd, 2005|02:22 pm]
Accepted With Extreme Prejudice
our halloween issue is complete and out..

thanks to everyone for making this happen.

our release party was last monday, october 31st.. which was a smash. thanks to krissy geloso for putting that together..

the president's meeting was tonight, and our checklist is complete! so we have all we need to be full-club.. they're voting on it this coming wednesday, so full-club status here we come!

we decided having any submissions come through the blog itself is not a good idea.. it puts students names in public eye too soon. so all submissions will be received via e-mail

so e-mail submissions for our december issue to rwu.lit@gmail.com

there are more changes for this upcoming issues, but we'll be voting for those on our upcoming meeting, so keep coming back here for more updates.

thanks again!

laura w.