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Accepted With Extreme Prejudice

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Meeting Friday 4:30 [Nov. 8th, 2005|02:33 pm]
Accepted With Extreme Prejudice
There will be the usual meeting this Friday at 4:30pm in or outside of the library.

A handout on committees will be passed out to everyone attending, so it is important that you all show up.

There are several things to think about for this meeting, so if possible, come prepared to discuss the following topics - and if you have anything you want to discuss, be sure to mention it.

- The cover photograph: remember, the theme's "winter" (unattached to holidays), so think about this carefully. We need to decide on this so Sam can get snappin'.

- Livejournal Community: because the blog isn't as accessible as some of us have hoped, one idea that has been proposed is to create an additional forum via www.livejournal.com. By doing this, it would be required that everyone who is involved with the magazine creates a livejournal account (which only takes two minutes). Having a community would allow for discussion on certain topics to take place much easier and more frequently than the one meeting a week method that we have been going through. Yes, we would keep the meetings, but the blog and the livejournal would hopefully make things smoother.

- Organizers for committees: if you were at last week's meeting, you joined at least one committee based on what you're interested in being involved in with the magazine. Each committee will need one "organizer" that helps set up weekly committee meetings, records notes from said meetings, and essentially keeps a record of who is in the committee (contact information and otherwise). If you are in more than one committee, it would probably be best if you choose only one which you want to be the organizer of. These are mandatory, so anyone that has initiative and can help run a small part of the magazine should take this important position into consideration. ALSO, if we decide to have a livejournal community, we will also need someone in charge of running that.

Thanks a lot everyone, and I'll see you on Friday!