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Acceptances! [Dec. 2nd, 2005|02:37 pm]
Accepted With Extreme Prejudice
The following pieces of writing will compose the next issue of the magazine:


Turn of the Season by Bill King
The Transition by Gregory Bem
The Break by Gregory Bem
The Point by Marissa Brennan
Anonymous Criminal by Large Egg Menu
Merry Christmas, God is Dead (Nietzsche is Spinning in His Grave) by Timothy Hollan
Part of the Herd by Amanda Merrill
Sanctuary by Amanda Merrill
Stacks by James Floman
Brim Innocence by Gregory Bem
Drive by Rebecca Diehl
The Spawning Town by Samuel Littlefield
The Science of Snow by Kyle Saadeh
What About Tonight? by Michael Valenti

Short Fiction:

Squaring Off by Dan Jensen
Context in Harvard Square by Jason Silva
The Struggle by Peter Cacioppo
Lady (Part II) by Austin Wylie
Creak by Michelle Grimaldi
Foxx (Part II) by Adam Litman
Industry by Michelle Grimaldi
Small Change by Michael Valenti


- The above selections were all decidedly accepted in an anonymous fashion, where the author's name was omitted until after the decision-making process was conducted.
- Several pieces will undergo editing and their titles may be changed.
- This list does not include artwork or photography; the submission date for those fashions of creativity is a week from this Monday.