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notes from meeting: friday, december 9th 4:00pm - Accepted With Extreme Prejudice [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Accepted With Extreme Prejudice

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notes from meeting: friday, december 9th 4:00pm [Dec. 9th, 2005|06:26 pm]
Accepted With Extreme Prejudice
the final decision about what format the lit mag will be in and how many we will print has been made.
we are printing 155 copies of colored front, black/white back, actual binding.

we're having problems with editors not... editting. from now on, all edits must be sent in red font, pointing out what changes you have made. this way we can keep better track of the changes being made and not made.

the scrabble tournament for the beginning of next semester is on... so we need to work out details about date, refreshments, raffle tickets, prizes, etc. there will be more information about all of this at the next meeting. it will be a lot of work, so we need to plan over the break and get going with this as soooon as we get back from vacation.

decision was made that we will be selling subscriptions to the magazine at the beginning of each semester at an informational table. we're still in debate whether a subscription will be 2 or 3 dollars.. we don't want to MAKE money through the selling of lit mags, we just want a cover a least a little bit of our costs.. the less we have to ask for, the better.. right?

flyers are on their way.. we will give these away by having them posted all over campus as well as giving them to english and creative writing professors. we should send out requests for art and photo submissions to art/photography professors to hand out.

we will also be having more informational tables set out on the days that the magazine comes out to spread the word about our existence.'

remember! deadline for art/photo submissions is monday.

laura wind