New Blue Moon Rising - Attleboro Arts Museum

hola everyone, i hope you are all having a wonderful winter break. i just received the following e-mail and thought a few of you might be interested.

check it out:

Dear Staff at RWU's Literary Magazine,

My name is Lauren Montanaro, and I am a former member (and former president) of Roger William's Lit Mag, back when it was Slaughterhouse publications. I graduated this past May, and now work at the Attleboro Arts Museum, which is close to the MA/RI line. I realize that the staff is on winter break, but if any of you know anyone who would be interested in the following event, please spread the word. Also, feel free to contact me at this email address if you have any questions after reading the following press release.

Thank you for your time,
Lauren Montanaro

Contact: Dore VanDyke Excutive Director
Margaret Skalski, ArtsReach Program
508-222-2644 X 11

Attleboro Arts Museum will host New Blue Moon Rising,
a celebration of performance poetry featuring new and
emerging voices.

Attleboro, MA. The Attleboro Arts Museum will present
New Blue Moon Rising
a celebration of performance poetry featuring new an
emerging voices on Saturday January 21, 2006 from 2 to
5 PM in the Ottmar gallery. The event will highlight
the performances of contemporary poets, teens and
adults, and will include a unique opportunity for
youth from our area schools to participate in the
event through the Museum's ArtsReach teen outreach

New Blue Moon Rising will be hosted by Len Germinara,
poet and founder of many poetry venues including the
Nantucket Poetry Slam., The Daily Grind in
Bridgewater, MA, Poetribe in Brockton and others His
poem "Brautigan" received the Cambridge Poetry Award
for best narrative poem in 2003 and his recent
collection of poetry "Quaise" is available on line a ..

Two popular visiting poets, Regie Gibson and Tom
Daley, will perform selections of their recent
work. "Regie, you sing and chant for all of us.
Nobody gets left out." Kurt Vonnegut Daley's work
has been published in numerous journals, including
Prairie Schooner, 32 Poems, Salamander, Archipelago,
and Perihelion.

Event Schedule:

New Blue Moon Rising, a celebration of performance
Attleboro Arts Museum
86 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703
Link for directions –

Date: January 21, 2006
Time: 2-5 PM

Open Mic.2-3pm –All poets, teens and adults are
invited to participate in the brief open mic.
performanceSpace is limited. Arrive early to ensure
yourself an opportunity to read.
Prizes will be awarded to all students that read at
the open mic. and/or open slam.

Open Slam 3-5pm– Cash prizes for top three scores.
1st place $200.00, 2nd place $100.00, 3rd place $50.00

Poetry Slam, Inc. rules apply. Visit for details.

This event is sponsored in part by a grant from the
Attleboro Cultural Council, which is supported by the
Massachusetts Cultural Council

Refresments sponsored by Jaec's Coffee Café,
Attleboro, MA.

The Attleboro Arts Museum is an arts instituion
dedicated to promoting education, creativity and
cultural awareness through the visual and performing

notes from meeting: friday, december 9th 4:00pm

the final decision about what format the lit mag will be in and how many we will print has been made.
we are printing 155 copies of colored front, black/white back, actual binding.

we're having problems with editors not... editting. from now on, all edits must be sent in red font, pointing out what changes you have made. this way we can keep better track of the changes being made and not made.

the scrabble tournament for the beginning of next semester is on... so we need to work out details about date, refreshments, raffle tickets, prizes, etc. there will be more information about all of this at the next meeting. it will be a lot of work, so we need to plan over the break and get going with this as soooon as we get back from vacation.

decision was made that we will be selling subscriptions to the magazine at the beginning of each semester at an informational table. we're still in debate whether a subscription will be 2 or 3 dollars.. we don't want to MAKE money through the selling of lit mags, we just want a cover a least a little bit of our costs.. the less we have to ask for, the better.. right?

flyers are on their way.. we will give these away by having them posted all over campus as well as giving them to english and creative writing professors. we should send out requests for art and photo submissions to art/photography professors to hand out.

we will also be having more informational tables set out on the days that the magazine comes out to spread the word about our existence.'

remember! deadline for art/photo submissions is monday.

laura wind

(no subject)

greg had asked what it would cost for 150 lit mags and 175... so here is the full list of options:

colored front cover, colored back cover, actual binding
per lit mag: $1.80
per 200 issues: $360
per 175 issues: $315
per 150 issues: $270

colored front cover, colored back cover, staple binding
per lit mag: $1.70
per 200 issues: $340
per 175 issues: $297.50
per 150 issues: $255

colored front cover, black/white back cover, actual binding
per lit mag: $1.61
per 200 issues: $322
per 175 issues: $281.75
per 150 issues: $241.50

colored front cover, black/white back cover, stapled binding
per lit mag: $1.51
per 200 issues: $302
per 175 issues: $264.25
per 150 issues: $226.50

black/white front cover, black/white back cover, stapled binding
per lit mag: $1.32
per 200 issues: $264
per 175 issues: $231
per 150 issues: $198

with out 250 dollars for this issue,
the possibilities are (again, most exp. to least)

138 colored front cover, colored back cover, actual binding
147 colored front cover, colored back cover, stapled binding
155 colored front cover, black/white back cover, actual binding
165 colored front cover, black/white back cover, stapled binding
189 black/white front cover, black/white cover, stapled binding

we'll decide on this at the meeting today at 4:00 pm.

see you all there

laura w.

welcome to our livejournal account.

it was suggested that we should have a livejournal, as it is more accessible than the blog. so here it is. all members please join, i have it set that you have to be approved when you ask to be a part of the community.. i did this so that we don't have people who don't even go to RWU joining, so we don't have people just joining real quick to make snide comments about us, and so that we can have an organized list of all members with their contact information.

note: all students of RWU can be a part of this student literary magazine.. this "application" is not for us to see if you'll get in.. you will. it's just so we know a little about you. you ask to be added, and you will be. i know you all did this for the blog, so sorry for the inconvenience.

when you click to be added, please comment to THIS entry with:


and that's all.. you'll be added to the community within 24 hours.

(i'll start, just comment away)

to keep information organized, i created an... outline... of all that is discussed... so far, it includes archives and FAQs. i organized the archives by issue, because i thought that would be easiest to follow. i'll just call it FAQ though.

welcome to the Accepted With Extreme Prejudice Livejournal!

laura wind


well, i just got back from the finance meeting, and we got granted $250 for this upcoming issue. that is all they could grant us at this time because anything more has a "sit time"... not including winter break.

now, these are all the options and prices when we go through the school to do printing.

in order from most expensive to least expensive:

colored front cover, colored back cover, actual binding
per lit mag: $1.80
per 200 issues: $360

colored front cover, colored back cover, staple binding
per lit mag: $1.70
per 200 issues: $340

*colored front cover, black/white back cover, actual binding
per lit mag: $1.61
per 200 issues: $322

colored front cover, black/white back cover, stapled binding
per lit mag: $1.51
per 200 issues: $302

black/white front cover, black/white back cover, stapled binding
per lit mag: 1.32
per 200 issues: $264

*note: this is the funding i'd hoped for, i assked for $322..
this is not an impossible request for next time, just for the time we have, $322 was not possible.

so we have 250 to work with... so we don't really have to raise all that much to get most of the possibilites.. either we can do the cheapest option (which we opted for last issue) or we can think of a way to raise the rest of the money ASAP BEING THE KEY.
this includes
-inner donations (everyone pitches in a little)
-outer donations (again.. eep)
-QUICK fundraising.. i'm thinking something that we can plan and do over break, because i don't think we should wait too long to get this issue out.

so, think about it.. e-mail with ideas...
i think we should have another meeting very soon to talk about this... i'll try to get that together.

laura w.


The following pieces of writing will compose the next issue of the magazine:


Turn of the Season by Bill King
The Transition by Gregory Bem
The Break by Gregory Bem
The Point by Marissa Brennan
Anonymous Criminal by Large Egg Menu
Merry Christmas, God is Dead (Nietzsche is Spinning in His Grave) by Timothy Hollan
Part of the Herd by Amanda Merrill
Sanctuary by Amanda Merrill
Stacks by James Floman
Brim Innocence by Gregory Bem
Drive by Rebecca Diehl
The Spawning Town by Samuel Littlefield
The Science of Snow by Kyle Saadeh
What About Tonight? by Michael Valenti

Short Fiction:

Squaring Off by Dan Jensen
Context in Harvard Square by Jason Silva
The Struggle by Peter Cacioppo
Lady (Part II) by Austin Wylie
Creak by Michelle Grimaldi
Foxx (Part II) by Adam Litman
Industry by Michelle Grimaldi
Small Change by Michael Valenti


- The above selections were all decidedly accepted in an anonymous fashion, where the author's name was omitted until after the decision-making process was conducted.
- Several pieces will undergo editing and their titles may be changed.
- This list does not include artwork or photography; the submission date for those fashions of creativity is a week from this Monday.

Thanksgiving Break End Notes

Hello out there!

Just a reminder:

This Tuesday (the 29th) all submissions for Issue #2 are due! Send them to!

Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning I will be sending the submissions compilation to Krissy, who will be sending them to the editors committee for the review process!

Friday at 4:00pm, there will be a general meeting in the library. The meeting will be an open forum where people can discuss anything they desire - as of now, there is no "specific structure" to the meeting. Questions and answers, along with committee updates will, however, be undergone.

Friday at 4:30 there will be an editor's meeting in the library directly after the general forum. Editors: come prepared to discuss the submissions for next issue and please have comments!

Meeting Friday 4:30

There will be the usual meeting this Friday at 4:30pm in or outside of the library.

A handout on committees will be passed out to everyone attending, so it is important that you all show up.

There are several things to think about for this meeting, so if possible, come prepared to discuss the following topics - and if you have anything you want to discuss, be sure to mention it.

- The cover photograph: remember, the theme's "winter" (unattached to holidays), so think about this carefully. We need to decide on this so Sam can get snappin'.

- Livejournal Community: because the blog isn't as accessible as some of us have hoped, one idea that has been proposed is to create an additional forum via By doing this, it would be required that everyone who is involved with the magazine creates a livejournal account (which only takes two minutes). Having a community would allow for discussion on certain topics to take place much easier and more frequently than the one meeting a week method that we have been going through. Yes, we would keep the meetings, but the blog and the livejournal would hopefully make things smoother.

- Organizers for committees: if you were at last week's meeting, you joined at least one committee based on what you're interested in being involved in with the magazine. Each committee will need one "organizer" that helps set up weekly committee meetings, records notes from said meetings, and essentially keeps a record of who is in the committee (contact information and otherwise). If you are in more than one committee, it would probably be best if you choose only one which you want to be the organizer of. These are mandatory, so anyone that has initiative and can help run a small part of the magazine should take this important position into consideration. ALSO, if we decide to have a livejournal community, we will also need someone in charge of running that.

Thanks a lot everyone, and I'll see you on Friday!


First Meeting for Vol. 1 Issue 2: notes

Hello everyone!

Last night's meeting was a success - thanks to everyone who showed up on their early Friday evening.

We've decided on a few things:

This next issue is going to be Winter-themed. We're going to try to avoid holiday material.

The submission deadline is the 29th of November.

The second issue of the magazine (at this time) is scheduled to be released on the 9th of December.

We've got a couple "committees" set up to help organize our efforts a bit more. If you want to join one of the committees and help create a great magazine, simply email one of the members.

Bureaucracy - The innerworkings of the magazine and the economic side will be handled through this group.


Bill King -
Laura Wind -
Austin Wylie -

Promotion - This group will design flyers, send general emails, and organize release parties to help spread the word about the magazine.


Bill King -
Krissy Geloso -
Michelle Grimaldi -
Liz Mitchell -
Maura (involved with the Art Society on campus) -

Design - The physical and visual design of the layout will be managed by this group - including the cover, the format, and the individual page design for the final release.

Michelle Grimaldi -
Sam Boyko -
Adam Litman -
Kyle Gauvin -
Liz Mitchell -
Maura -

Editing - Giving the magazine its name, this band of folks will BE the prejudice that decides what goes in and how it goes in, and what doesn't.

Austin Wylie -
Krissy Geloso -
Alex Ruggeri -
Marissa Brennan -
Kyle Gauvin -
Bill King -
Jason Silva -
Michelle Grimaldi -
Liz Mitchell -


Other notes:

It has been decided that anonymous submissions are discouraged, and it was agreed that pen-names are required if the real name is not given.

The new page max for each submission is four pages at twelve sized Arial font.

The magazine size is in the "to be announced" stage.

We will be designing the next issue using a Word Processor again.

The physical production of the magazine will be much higher quality, and we might even have color - this all depends on how much funds we are granted.

Distribution has been discussed and we will try to incorporate either a rack in the Student Union or some other way of distributing the magazine across the entire campus body.

We will soon be getting an official RWU email.

The Halloween Issue is Out!

our halloween issue is complete and out..

thanks to everyone for making this happen.

our release party was last monday, october 31st.. which was a smash. thanks to krissy geloso for putting that together..

the president's meeting was tonight, and our checklist is complete! so we have all we need to be full-club.. they're voting on it this coming wednesday, so full-club status here we come!

we decided having any submissions come through the blog itself is not a good idea.. it puts students names in public eye too soon. so all submissions will be received via e-mail

so e-mail submissions for our december issue to

there are more changes for this upcoming issues, but we'll be voting for those on our upcoming meeting, so keep coming back here for more updates.

thanks again!

laura w.